Totally Tubular: An 80s Time Travel Novel - Gwen Hayes

Totally Tubular: An 80s Time Travel Novel

By Gwen Hayes

  • Release Date: 2011-09-07
  • Genre: Romance


When sixteen-year-old Carrington Morris attends an 80s themed dance at her high school, she inadvertently travels back in time to 1986 and quickly latches on to the only person she "knows"--her 16-year-old mother, Heather.

Forced to navigate a world with New Coke, an MTV that plays actual music videos, and a mother who takes her to keggers and tries to set her up with the future mayor, Carri worries that she will screw up her future like she's seen in the movies, so she befriends three nerds (who else would understand the time-space continuum?) One of those nerds, Nate, might have the key to her time travel...and her heart

When her mother's tragic past catches up to Carri's present, she'll need to walk a mile in Heather's jelly shoes if she's going to save both of their futures.

Totally Tubular is a time travel young adult and teen romance novel set in Serendipity Falls, made popular in the Falling Under Series by Gwen Hayes. It is written for teens--but anyone who loves or grew up in the 1980s will love it. Slip on your sunglasses at night and enjoy a trip back in time without the need for a hot tub time machine.